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The ultimate in Outdoor Adventure Experience

Here at Wild About Adventure we offer the ultimate in Outdoor Adventure Experience that incorporates a wide range and variety of team-building and problem solving activities. This is ideal for corporate team-building days out and can have a huge impact in the development of areas such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Communication & social skills
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Fitness
  • Balance & coordination
  • Fun & lasting memories

We offer many different packages all of which are unique in their own right, whether it’s local or a bit further afield, they all offer different challenges. We offer everything from good old problem solving activities that can be done in and around the work place to adventure days that will enthuse and excite!


All of our staff are highly qualified and trained to take you through all of the procedures on the day and ensure your safety throughout your time with us.

We value your custom and are more than happy to sit down with you to discuss individual needs and requests and tailor make packages to suit your organisation.

Below are a couple of examples of days and activities we have ran for corporate groups in the past. Each group that we work with have their own needs and objectives which we love to build into our bespoke programmes and adventures.

Gorge Walking & Waterfall Abseiling

This is a fantastic jammed packed day out in the Northumberland/Pennine Fells. Gorge walking or Ghyll scrambling as it’s sometimes known, gives a rush of adrenaline and excitement and you are certain to get a little wet!

It involves scrambling up or down the gorge, jumping in pools, sliding down slides, traversing rock pools, climbing waterfalls and generally having fun in the water – that is after you conquer the 70ft Waterfall Abseil that feeds into the gorge! The great benefit of this activity is that you can make it as challenging as you want it to be!

Once we arrive your first challenge is to get kitted up before making it to the top of the 70ft waterfall that descends into the gorge below. We will have a quick safety brief and then it’s time to have some fun!

Once at the top of the Waterfall we abseil down into the gorge, this will definitely get the heart pumping and a great way to start the adventure! At the bottom it’s time to grab some quick refreshments before heading down to the bottom of the gorge…..and getting wet!

During the adventure you will climb your way up stunning gorges packed with natural rockslides and experience 15ft faith leaps and step offs. The crystal clear pools coupled with breath-taking scenery offer a real sense of adventure. The fun can continue afterwards with a fantastic fresh tasty BBQ for all your team with the conquered waterfall in the backdrop, a perfect end to an amazing days adventure.

Raft Build Challenge

This is a great activity that everyone can enjoy in the beautiful Northumberland National Park. It is one of those activity’s that everyone gets involved in and we always get some fascinating designs!

Our Raft Build Challenge is great for highlighting the importance of teamwork, communication and problem solving. It’s also a cracking activity for those that are a little competitive as your group will be split into teams to compete to see who’s raft is superior.

Standard Rules                                                        

You will receive a mountain of equipment and it will be up to each team to decide what you build and how you build it. You then must put your raft to the test to see if your team will sink or swim!

Wild About Adventure Rules!

We like to spice things up a little here at Wild About Adventure and we have come up with our variation of the rules! We like to set little challenges for each team which in turn equates to points which then can be used to purchase extra bits of equipment. The more points you receive means you have more to spend in the ‘WAA Shop’ and can purchase more equipment. This works especially well if you have one or two that are a little competitive!

Your Equipment!

There is always barrels, planks, poles and rope as your building blocks, however, the more points you have the more equipment you can buy! With guidance from your instructor you’ll get top tips on knots and ideas for your raft design.

What will you build?

It will be up to you if you build a raft for speed or a raft for stability.  Maybe build a raft for leaping off or make two small rafts & tie them together. You’ll get all the guidance you need and there are always lots of options. One important rule though…..ALL your team members must be on the raft!

Sink or Swim???

The moment of truth. All rafts need a name for good luck and then you’ll launch on to the water.  See if your ropey contraption can make it around water course in one piece with everyone still onboard! Will your raft pass the Wild About Adventure raft MOT?!


Coasteering is the thrilling activity of treating a rocky coastline as an eco-adventure playground by scrambling, swell riding, swimming and cliff jumping!

We run our coasteering adventures on the beautiful rugged bubble limestone coast at Marsden, Tyne & Wear and the amazing cliffs at Howick, Northumberland. Exploring sea caves, cliff jumping and body surfing are just some of the fun things we get up to. It also offers close encounters with wildlife, such as nesting birds, occasional seals & maybe the odd dolphin, much of which you cannot see from the shore.

Getting Started…

This is one of most popular activities and one that really gets the heart pumping. When we arrive at our location it’s time to get kitted up, go through a safety brief and then head down to the beach where we can start our coastal trail.

Our two locations are in stunning area’s and a fantastic outdoor adventure playground, there is so much to see and do. Right from the off we have rocks to climb, caves to explore, surf to play in, islands to explore and jumps to conquer, it really is a superb activity.

Something for everyone…

We often get asked “do I have to do everything?” and the answer is no! the good thing about most if not all of our activities is that you can do as much as you feel comfortable with and if you want to miss a section out then that is fine.

End of the day…

After a full day of adventure why not relax with a few adult beverages and indulge in some amazing food which we can offer through one of our partners, Jaspers. Their food is amazing   and a great way to finish the day