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Latest Past Events

Ghyll Scramble

Explore a deep valley gorge by climbing up it, walking, sliding and jumping down it. This is suitable for everyone as long as you don’t mind getting very wet and enjoying a challenge or two. We will help choose the right amount of adventure and challenge in the Ghyll for you depending on age, fitness […]


Abseiling & Weaselling

Ever found yourself stepping from rock to rock over muddy bogs? Climbed to the top of a rock stack to see the view? Stooped down to enter the mouth of a cave or cavity out of curiosity? It’s all weaselling. In a nutshell Weaselling involves using the natural environment as a big adventure playground. It […]



We run our coasteering adventures along the beautiful North East coastline, exploring sea caves, cliff jumping into pools and body surfing are just some of the fun things we get up to. It also offers close encounters with wildlife, such as nesting birds and occasional seals and dolphins, much of which you cannot see from […]