Weaselling is a strange but very entertaining activity and a perfect way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Ever found yourself stepping from rock to rock over muddy bogs?

Climbed to the top of a rock stack to see the view?

Stooped down to enter the mouth of a cave or cavity out of curiosity?

It’s all weaselling. In a nutshell Weaselling involves using the natural environment as a big adventure playground.

It is all about the rocks, we scramble up them, slide down them and wiggle through them. It’s a bit of rock climbing, mountaineering and caving all thrown into one and is not like anything you’ll have done before.

  • What we provide

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    • Amazing location
    • All necessary safety equipment
    • Pictures and video of your day

  • What to bring

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    • Loose comfortable clothing (No Jeans)
    • Packed lunch
    • Drink
    • Trainers/sturdy footwear
    • Sun cream(fingers crossed)